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This album was put together with songs donated by these amazing, kind hearted artists to raise money for Donna's MS related treatments and expenses that are not covered by insurance. Her $8,000 special bed, for instance, and CCSVI treatments that failed :(. Some songs are old, some new, some only available with this compilation. Dig in!

Donna was diagnosed with MS in 1996, after a few bouts with optic neuritis. She was told that her MS was relapsing-remitting and that she would not likely have many problems. This wasn’t to be so, and just two years later she started having tingling and numbness in her right hand, a foot that dragged when she was tired, and blurred vision. As with anyone with a busy life, she ignored her body and symptoms and continued to work, even taking a very stressful job ’99. Within two weeks, she was blind in one eye, could barely walk and could not move the right side of her body.

She managed to keep her independence for many years by setting up a business and working from home. She eschewed the MS injections as they were not helping and making her feel horribly ill. She’s managed all this time with supplements and exercises, diet modifications and lots and lots of water…but unfortunately MS has her firmly in its grip and in 2008/9, after quite a long stint in a care facility, she truly thought that she wouldn’t be able to come home again and would have to give up her beloved kitties, Pita and Pepper. Through sheer force of will Donna did come home, and managed to get things sorted with the help of friends and family to move into an apartment better suited to her needs and arrange just enough home care to get by.

As her MS was rapidly progressing, she decided to try the controversial angioplasty treatment for CCSVI. She has the condition, as tests have proven time and again, but any treatment gave short-lived results and her progression continued. Last fall, paramedics dropped her, causing extensive damage to her right leg, knee, and hip. Four months of hospitalization later, she found herself back at home, but with ceiling lifts and a special bed, unable to walk again.

This compilation has been put together to raise money for Donna to pay her debts from treatments and equipment that isn't covered. The wonderful artists on this compilation want to help! Please pay what you can to download these great tunes. All proceeds go directly to paying off Donna's medical debt!

August, 2013

Read more about CCSVI here:


released March 29, 2011



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Songs for Donna Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Lobelia and Peter Katz - Hell No
What is it that just keeps me hanging?
I stay and stay, I'll do anything.

Hell no, I won't go and you can't make me.
Hell no, I won't go and you can't make me.

What do you need?
Cause it's not me
Yet here I sit
I'm never happy

Hell no, I won't go and you can't make me.

Somebody take my heart
It's tearing me apart
It stops and it won't start
Somebody take my heart

Hell no, I won't go and you can't make me.